Sneak Peek: Shabby Chic in Phillipi Creek

As spring turns to summer, Mary Kenealy Events is actively preparing for an exciting wedding season! We can’t wait to share all the details on this weekend’s bridal shower that we’ve been working on for the past five (yes, five!) months, but we don’t want to ruin any of the surprises we have in store for Tia, the blushing bride, so we’ll just tease you with a few.

The five months we’ve been working on this shower is nothing compared to the TWELVE YEARS the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. have been together, and Nancy, the lovely hostess and Tia’s future mother-in-law, didn’t hold anything back in making Tia’s shower picture perfect. Blush. Gold. Vintage. Need we say more? Oh…and lace…did someone say lace? There’s going to be lots of lace.

So…Saturday…don’t mind us, we’ll just be tucked away in a beautiful historical home in Phillipi Creek, while our guests enjoy mimosas and unwind in the shabby chic inspired outdoor tented lounge we’ve made magically appear!

Michael’s on East, we’ve never left an event you’ve catered hungry, and we’ve been dreaming of (politely) eating each and every item on Saturday’s menu. Maybe not every item because we do have to keep our event planning figures, after all, but who isn’t looking forward to digging in to one or two (or five?) lobster rolls, and cooling off with chilled celery soup (yum!) and fresh fruit and baked brie kabobs? We’ll just be over here eating that last truffled deviled egg with caviar. Attention Tia’s shower guests: please save room for the handcrafted cake! It’s almost (read: almost!) too pretty to eat!

We’re going to sign off before we give too much more away, but just one last thing…you know those bridal shower favors you get and never use (i.e. the “good smelling” body lotion that made you break out in hives)? Um…Tia’s favors are NOT those favors. Think: Christmas morning in Sephora, wrapped in gold glitter, tied with a bow. We’ve already said too much!

Cheers! MKE

PS: Stay tuned next week for a full recap of every single last detail (and lots of pictures!!!)