July 4th Party - Food Planning Guide *Tip of the Week*

How many of you are shaking with excitement for fireworks, sunshine, sand between your toes, boat time and most importantly FOOD!? Although, if you are the one hosting you may be haunted by the question how much food? One of the biggest nightmares we all have when hosting is running out of food. No one wants to deal with the wrath coming from a group of hungry people; which leads us to over planning for food then we’re stuck with leftovers out the wazoo. Here are a few tips here to help you avoid either end of that spectrum.

Ranging from Hors D’oeuvres to Desserts to Drinks, I am hoping this food planning guide will help you measure out food portions for your perfect 4th of July party! (Or any other party for that matter!)

Please comment any other tips or suggestions you may have for us. We would love to hear what other ideas on food portioning for parties that work for you as well!