Last Minute Labor Day Party Ideas

While some of you may already be enjoying your pumpkin spiced lattes, summer isn’t over yet! T minus three days until Labor Day which means Labor Day party planning is in full swing. This week’s Tip of the Week is less of a tip and more of some last minute ideas to make your party even more memorable.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Fruit ice cubes add a bit of color and flair to everyone’s drink. It looks nice and it is incredibly easy.

Frozen Water Balloons

This is another easy way to add more color, and it's also another very easy last minute trick.

Spangled Sandwich Pops from Disney Family Fun

This may just be the easiest dessert you could ever make. No baking, no stirring, no prep, minimal clean up; and yet everyone will think you’re a genius!

These are our 3 easy ideas to bright up your party, what do you do for your parties? We would love to bounce ideas off each other!

Have fun Labor Day weekend!