3 Moving Tips from Our Intern

Recently our intern has moved back to Indiana to finish her senior year at college. With her big move complete we asked her if she could write about her top three moving tips. These tips are quite helpful for anyone moving, whether a student moving into their college dorm or a family moving to a new home.

1      Pack an Overnight Bag

On this particular move I learned that there are two good reasons to pack an over night bag. The first reason is, of course, after a day of moving you do not want to unpack as well. Packing an overnight bag will give you the evening to relax before continuing the madness the next day. Moving can often times be frustrating, so why not eliminate additional frustration of rummaging through everything looking for pajamas, face wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, then clothes for the next morning, etc. Packing an overnight bag is an easy stress reliever.

Another reason to pack an over night bag, as I learned on my way back to Indiana, is that if you are moving across the country and your car breaks down on a Sunday when no mechanics are open; that is not a time when you are going to feel too good about looking through everything for the items I listed above (trust me!). 

Overall, packing an overnight bag that is ready to go and easy to grab is a new MUST for me. I would rather have it and not need it than not have it and need it.


2     Clean the New Place Before Moving In

When I got to my new apartment it was wonderful seeing it in person for the first time, however it needed a good vacuuming. It wasn’t filthy by any means, it just wasn’t vacuumed between the time of the previous tenants moving out and us moving in. Plus, once the furniture goes in we all know there won’t be another vacuuming under it for a while. Cleaning while its empty is the easiest time to clean, so why not take advantage of it!


3      Keep Hanging Clothes Hung

This was a mistake I made a few years ago when I moved into my college dorm freshman year. I packed all of my clothes in suitcases, all of it, even the clothes on the hangers. I would bring the hangers and rehang the clothes but that was time consuming and they would end up being quite wrinkled. I quickly learned the {obvious} key of keeping hanging clothing hung. Now I take a grouping of my hanging clothes, put a rubber band around the hook part of the hanger and a trash bag over the clothing. Once my car is packed and ready to move, I lay my hanging clothes on top of everything else to keep them flat. It is easy to pack and easy to unpack.


Thank you Alex for sharing your top 3 tips. We would love to hear feedback from our followers. Let us know how you making moving flawless!