Time to Organize Your Desk!


Time to Organize Your Desk!

Whether it’s your desk in the office or your desk at home, if you often find it cluttered and difficult to local your supplies right away then the tip this week is perfect for you! This week we are talking about organizing your desk and drawers. The key to avoid clutter and mess is separation.

If your desk is full of paperwork, then file folders work wonders! The generic off-white/cream colored folders with tabs are cheap and exactly what you need (but go crazy with color folders if you prefer!). If you’re organizing your desk at home label the tabs “medical”, “expenses”, “kid’s school”, "auto", etc.; whatever it is laying loosely in your desk, separate it in different categories and have a folder for each category. The same idea applies for your desk at work except your categories may be separated by clients or projects. Find the way that works best for you.



The drawer that gets cluttered the quickest for me is the drawer where I keep all of my pens, post-its, paperclips, stapler, etc. I like having a clear desk with only my laptop and whatever paperwork I am currently working on. I keep desk supplies in the drawer that is easiest for me to get to. However, piling all those little things into one place ultimately leads to disaster the first time you close the drawer too quickly. Again, the key is separation! You can buy drawer organizers for desks that have different sized sections. We have those in our desks in our office and we love them! The organizers we have come with sections that are longer (great for pens and staplers), smaller ones (great for paper clips and thumbtacks), squares (perfect for post-it notes). Although these drawer organizers are absolutely wonderful, it is very rare to find one that fits each square inch of your drawer base perfectly. Some ideas are to buy different sizes of desk organizers (you might want to measure the dimensions of the base of your drawer first so you know what sizes of desk organizers will fit together) or ones that can taken apart and rearranged. Another idea is to use little boxes and/or box lids. Putting these together allows you to create your own drawer organizers! Another option is to do a mix of desk organizers and little boxes/box lids. It all depends on the size of your drawer .

Another piece of advice is to not pack your drawer full. If you have excess of stuff then store it elsewhere rather than trying to keep if all together. For example, don’t stack 6 sets of post-it notes on top of each other unless your desk organizer is tall enough to keep them together. Any sections or boxes overflowing will spill into other sections the moment you close your drawer, then we are right back to clutter and no one wants that!

Please comment any other tips or suggestions you may have for us. We would love to hear what other tips and ideas that work for your organized desk!

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